Squla’s mission is to prepare children for academic success by fueling their curiosity for knowledge, boosting confidence and cultivating a lifelong love of learning through games and experiences they enjoy in their daily lives.

About Squla
Squla is an amazingly fun and educational learning program, designed to fuel children’s curiosity for knowledge anytime, anywhere. Squla was developed by educators as well as gaming experts to cultivate lifelong learners and boost academic achievement. Squla features thousands of interactive games, quizzes and activities with multiple subjects for grades K–6!

Fuel children's curiosity, boost confidence, improve academic achievement and develop lifelong learners…there are so many benefits and features, we could write a novel! 

Squla Team
A team of education specialists and online gaming experts make Squla what it is right now. Squla will help parents and carers in the learning development of their children. Squla provides quizzes, games, themes pages and children's films and topics such as geography , math, history , English , spelling and science and technology covered for different ages (and groups). Everything you see is made ​​in-house by our own people : this makes Squla unique: everyone who works here contributes to a new and fun way of learning which will meet today's online world.

André - CEO

Serge - CFO & COO

Tijntje - CCO

Peter - CPO

Madhu - Head of Engineering

Lex - Full Stack Developer

Jagadeesh - Chief Architect

Eric - Head of Data Science

Rezso - Frontend Developer

Mohammad - Unity Game Developer

Tanguy - Full Stack Developer

Zsolt - Full Stack Developer

Joey - Unity Game Developer

Matthew - Unity Game Developer

Alina - Wordpress Developer

Niels - Head of Product Design

Willemijn - Product Owner Growth

Jeroen - Global Head of Content

Rosalinde - Content Coordinator French market

Pauline - Content Coordinator

Linda - Educational Editor

Inge - Content Creator

Pascal - Visual Designer

Herman - UI Artist

Tom - UX Designer

Sophie - UX Designer

Floor - Product Research Intern

Ryanne - Online Marketeer

Anthea - Content Marketing Intern

Ronald - Online Marketeer

Ida - Brand Marketeer

Suzanne - CRM/Loyalty Marketeer

Lisa - Junior Loyalty Marketeer

Maylis - Brand Marketeer French Market

Malgorzata - Brand Marketeer Polish Market

Radek - Copywriter Polish Market

Anna - Translator Polish

Martijn - Social Media Specialist

Joleen - Community Manager

Riëlle - Community Manager

Kasia - Community Manager Poland

Giovanni - Community Manager

Elisa - Community Manager French market

Shem - Community Manager

Marlin - Office Manager

Luuk - Manager Financial Planning & Analysis

Julia - Financial Controller

Sabine - Accountant

Ziwei - Marketing Intelligence Intern

Harmke - Legal Counsel

Annette - HR Manager

Maartje - Recruiter